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Trauma Teddies are soft woollen bears knitted by volunteers for the Australian Red Cross. They are given to lots of different people in times of trouble and trauma.
Trauma Teddies are well travelled, as many have been distributed around the globe. Individual Trauma Teddies are found all over Australia, supporting victims of flood and fires. They also travel overseas to victims of earthquake, tsunamis and the many catastrpohes which befall our planet over time.

The St Paul's community has been supporting this program for many years now and volunteer knitters have provided over 1200 teddies, after our small beinnings in 2002.

## Teddies jostling for place as they collect together in the High School Library basket.


St Paul's Grammar School has already contributed to this program through students, parents, grandparents and teachers making some of these delightful creatures. Everyone is individual, and, I think, made with a lot of love and care. These will soon be presented to a Red Cross representative to be given their official label, and then for distribution to those in need of their comfort.
It is hoped that we will continue this activity in the future and be able to make regular donations to this cause, so keep those spare balls of wool aside, and get those needles out! The official Red Cross pattern is available from the library and the correct filling is provided at no cost.

## Contact the Senior School Library for guidance, patterns and filling. (Pattern also available here.)



Updated on: June 13, 2011